Boeing selected touch screens for the flightdeck of 777X

The contract with the supplier was signed in mid-June 2016 As a result, the standard view of the cockpit of 777 with 6 screens will undergo changes and there will be 5 screens similar to the model V787.

Boeing has some experience with touch-screens because some time ago suggested the Pentagon to use this type of screens in the modernization of aircraft of the US Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

Touch screens are used in consumer electronics for many years and allow with fingers to ask commands and perform different functions. Currently, pilots of the planes have tablets with similar features – their electronic flight bags, replacing the heavy pilot’s carry-on flight bag.

“We think we’re the first [commercial] airplane to really make something that is like all our customers are used to doing in their daily lives,” said Bob Feldmann, Vice-President and general manager of the 777X program. “They all want to go forward to a future with what they use to control their iPhone, their iPad they have that kind of capability — meaning touch capability — in the crew station of the airplane,” he noted.

In discussions with airlines that have ordered 777X, Boeing has received positive opinions on the implementation of the touchscreen.

777X program continues with a critical analysis of the design of model 777-9. Production of the first aircraft should begin in June 2017 and the first flight must take place in 2018.

Touch-screens in the cabin are just one of the innovations in the 777X model family . The biggest innovation are the folding wings in the area of the aerodynamic extension of the wings in order to reduce parking space. The technology has been tested for Boeing, which uses it on its deck aircraft. The first test of folding wings for commercial aircraft will be in late summer 2016.

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