Boeing revising the model 737-7 Max

Boeing has confirmed it will rework the smallest member of the new generation Max – model 737-7. This was announced by the company yesterday, July 11, 2016, during the exhibition in Farnborough.

The new 737-7 will be extended by about 1,9 m to accommodate two additional rows of seats and thus increase passenger capacity by 12 seats. So far the model ferried 126 people in two classes or 149 in one with very dense seats.

Furthermore, the model will have improved performance when operating from airports with high altitude and temperature and longer distance of the flight.

From Boeing said that the two main clients for 737-7 – Southwest Airlines and WestJet Airlines have agreed to transform their orders to the new model.

737-7 was selling the least from all the Max family, as so far had been received only 60 orders. For several months it was clear that Boeing is working on an update of the model and possibly increasing the capacity.

Boeing is, for now, cautious regarding the possible increase of the capacity of model 737-9, which is also sold poorly against the A321neo, as well on the issue of creating a larger model of the Max family.

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