Boeing 767-300 of Hawaiian Airlines encountered heavy turbulence climbing out of San Jose

Boeing 767-300 climbing

Boeing 767-300 with registration N582HA of Hawaiian Airlines encountered turbulence during climbing through about 14,000 feet out of San Jose’s runway 12L. The accident caused injury of the four crew, but the flight continued to the destination point of Honolulu, Hawaii. Fortunatelky there were no injured people from the passengers, who were all with fastened belts. The airplane continue the flight to Honolulu and landed safely at runway 08L on the airport after 5 hours. The crew members was slightly injured, because of not fastened their belts during climbing. All of them were medical examined in the local hospital, but it was estimated that injuries are minor.

According to safety report of the crew, the heavy turbulence caused vertical acceleration fluctuated between -0.35G and +0.85G, while the lateral acceleration fluctuated between -0.10G and +0.20G. The sign for belts was indicated continuously during climbing and all the people were on their seats, which prevented another injuries. However, the crew did not followed the instructions of the captain and was a little bit surprised by the turbulence, which caused the injuries.

Boeing 767-300 is middle to large size, long-range, wide-body twin-engine airplane. The airliner has overall length of 48.50 m, height of 9.83 m, wingspan of 47.60 m and wing area of 283.3 sq m. Boeing 767-300 has capacity for 375 passengers with maximum range of 11,690 km. The airliner has two turbofan engines a conventional tail and for reduced aerodynamic drag, a super-critical wing design. The airplane Boeing 767 is driven by two 213.5kN (48,000lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D7R4D turbofans with max cruising speed of 914 km/h and economical cruising speed 854 km/h.

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