Boeing 747-400 suffered engine failure while climbing out of Cologne

UPS Boeing 747-400

The UPS freighter Boeing 747-400 with registration N581UP suffered engine failure after climbing out of Cologne’s runway 14L. The airplane was taking off from Cologne en route to Hong Kong with 3 crew on board, performing flight 5X-2. Unfortunately the left inboard CF6 engine (Engine No 2) failed and the pilot was forced to shut it. After 80 minutes flight around Cologne and dumping the fuel, the airplane successfully landed in the airport and canceled the flight to Hong Kong. UPS appointed new freighter to make the flight a few hours later, but the troubled Boeing 747-400 remained on the track for repair and safety inspections.

According to preliminary information, the inboard left CF6 engine started increasing temperature and crew was forced to stop it, preventing fire on board. The reason for the accident is not yet clear and currently under investigation. The authorities and aviation inspectors, check possibilities for collision with bird of other technical failure of the engine.

Boeing 747-400 is a major development and the best-selling model of the Boeing 747 family of jet airliners. While retaining the four-engine wide-body layout of its predecessors, the 747-400 embodies numerous technological and structural changes to produce a more efficient airframe. The 747-400’s airframe features extended and lighter wings than previous 747s, capped by winglets. The winglets result in a 3% increase in long-range cruise, improved takeoff performance, and higher cruise altitudes. The extended wingspan also gains an additional leading edge flap section. The airplane Boeing 747-400 has overall length of 70.60 m, height of 19.40 m, wingspan of 64.40 m and wing area of 560 sq m.

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