Boeing 737-400F burst tires during landing in Belfast

Boeing 737-400F accident Belfast

Boeing 737-400 freighter with registration OE-IAG landed on runway 25 in Belfast but burst a number of tires. The freighter aircraft succeeded to stop on the intersections of runway 07/25 and 17/35 about 2,150 m down runway 25 and closing the both tracks. The Boeing 737-400 was performing a flight 3V-834V from East Midlands to Belfast International airport on behalf of ASL Airlines. Fortunately the airplane succeeded to land successfully without causing any damages and injuries of the two crew on board.

The United Kingdom’s AAIB dispatched a team at Belfast International airport to open an investigation for the circumstances and to estimate the root cause of the accident.

Soon after landing of Boeing 737-400 freighter, part of runway 07/25 was returned to service at shortened landing and takeoff distance. There was a severe flight disruptions throughout the day as result of the aviation accident.

The airplane Boeing 737-400 is short- to medium-range, narrow-body jet airliner. The aircraft has length of 36.50 m, height of 11.10 m and wingspan of 28.90 m.

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