Boeing 717 with 109 passengers landed emergency at Nashville Airport

Boeing 717 damage

Boeing 717 with 109 passengers landed emergency at Nashville International Airport after engine fire during a flight 762 from Atlanta to Chicago. The engine light came on, when airplane was over Tennessee and crew was forced to made an emergency landing. The aircraft succeeded to land safely and all the passengers were evacuated without serious injuries. The safety department and Delta Airlines started investigation for the root cause of the accident and will make a special survey of the damaged engine. However, according to both of them, only the fast reaction of the crew saved all the passengers and airplane.

The Delta Airlines jet suffered sufficient damages in the fuselage and engine as well. The airplane succeeded to land safely with one engine, which is enough, but the loose cowling then appeared to have hit part of the fuselage.

“The aircraft Boeing 717 with 109 passengers on board landed safely and taxied to the gate normally. Delta will fully investigate this episode as the safety and security of our customers and employees is always our top priority”, said the official statement of the company.

Boeing 717 is a twin-engine and single-aisle jet airliner. The airplane was developed for 100-seat market for medium-range distances up to 3,815 km. The jet was originally created by Douglas as the MD-95, but after merger between both US companies in 1997, Boeing developed it and created Boeing 717. The airplane has overall length of 37.80 m, height of 8.90 m and wing span of 28.47 m. The engines are two 82.3kN (18,500lb) Rolls-Royce BR715-A1-30 turbofans, which allow Boeing 717 to reach maximum speed of 811 km/h.

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