Black boxes of crashed “EgyptAir” plane will be sent to France for repair

Egyptian investigators announced yesterday that they will send for repair in France the black boxes the crashed “EgyptAir” plane, reported AFP.

We remind you that last week it became clear that the discovered devices are in poor condition and it will take time to study the recordings from them.

The Egypt Investigation Committee said in a statement that France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for the Security of Civil Aviation will help with removing the salt of the chips, then they will be returned for analysis in Egypt.

The black boxes will be sent to France next week.

If the repair is successful and the recordingс are acquired, they must make clear what led to the crash of the plane that crashed with 66 people on board in May. The plane went down in the Mediterranean.

The liner Airbus A320 of the airline “EgyptAir” flying from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens two minutes after leaving Greek airspace on May 19th.

Investigators said radar images confirm previous information of Greek and British radar, that the plane made a sharp turn before the crash.



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