Aviation Chiefs in Africa Call On Governments to Improve Infrastructure and Cut Taxes

Eduardo Ngirente, the Prime Minister of Rwanda, has reiterated the commitment of his government to continued support for the aviation industry. The Prime Minister said that the Rwandan government had chosen the aviation industry as an economic enabler. Ngirente assured continued support of all the stakeholders by creating an environment where the aviation business can thrive. The Prime Minister was speaking at the 49th anniversary of the annual general assembly and summit opening at the country’s capital of Kigali. He added that the government would encourage technological advancement in the industry and the free movement of travelers and goods. Ngirente noted that these incentives would reduce the cost of doing business in the aviation industry.

The Rwandan government has adopted a policy where travelers are issued with visas on arrival. This incentive is meant to ensure that people and goods can move freely which encourages the aviation business to thrive. According to the Premier, removing visa restriction is a sure way to enhance the movement of goods and people in and around the continent of Africa.

Governments of African countries have also been encouraged to give tax breaks to airlines and invest more on improving infrastructure in the aviation industry. The two incentives are meant to bolster economic development through the aviation business. According to the outgoing secretary general of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), Dr. Elijah Chingosho, taxes and poor infrastructure continue to hurt the industry. Chingosho also noted that hurting the industry has affected its ability to contribute to Africa’s GDP. The outgoing secretary-general also noted that having the right infrastructure would enable African airlines to have a competitive edge against other airlines from Europe, Middle East, and America.

Chingosho was speaking in Kigali Rwanda during the 49th annual general assembly and convention. The summit had the theme of “Rethinking strategies for airline profitability in Africa.” It attracted over 400 delegates from Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America to discuss the problems facing the aviation industry in the African continent. The summit was hosted by the Rwandese national courier, RwandAir. The secretary-general of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) Iyabo Sosina, urged governments of all African countries to hasten the implementation of the 1999 Yamoussoukro treaty. The treaty commits signatory member countries to use the open sky policy to promote air markets across the continent.

Iyabo Sosina added that the aviation industry should be considered as an economic enabler to the development of African nations.

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