Aviation accidents in the past few days

Beech 200 aircraft N111MQ (msn BB-1665, built 1999) of the airline Execumed Corp. was damaged when landing wheels up at the San Juan Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci airport, Puerto Rico, on July 15, 2016. There are no reports of casualties and wounded.

Helicopter Hughes 369D VH-PLY (msn 11-0887D, built 1981) of the airline Aeropower Pty Ltd was destroyed in forced landing at the airport Flanders Ranges, South Australia, on July 17, 2016. The three crew members were injured.

Helicopter Sud SE313B Allouette II HA-PPC (msn 1500, built in 1960) operated by the airline Nigel Alexander Feetham was damaged on arrival at Breighton Airfield, UK, on July 17, 2016. Five people on board were injured.

Beech 200 aircraft C-FCGW (msn BB-207, built 1977) the airline Air Nunavut was damaged after landing wheels up at the Iqaluit airport, Canada, on July 17, 2016. There were no reports of casualties and wounded.

Tragedy ended an air show in Canada. During the air show in the Canadian city of Cold Lake (Alberta) a plane crashed. The pilot died, said from CBC. The plane was a T-28 Trojan. After the collision of the machine with the earth, a small explosion was heard. The place was far from spectators. Organizers have suspended further flights.

Boeing airliner made an emergency landing on July 18 evening at Vnukovo airport, reported Russian RN TV. The plane took off from Moscow, but shortly after the pilots found that there is a failure in the chassis.

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