Aromatherapy at 40,000 Feet

When travelers take to the skies they have no choice but to breathe in recycled air. Most travelers aren’t known to enjoy cabin aromas and some airlines are starting to take note. The VIP aviation industry has started to use dry scent technology in their cabins and lavatories. Since the technology is relatively new and high-end, domestic commercial flights likely won’t smell better any time soon, but here’s what high-end travelers enjoy.

Airlines like Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airlines and Turkish Airlines already offer their patrons scented towels and a barely perceptible aroma. But through the development of dry-scent technology these offerings can be extended to other international flights and airlines. FIVE, an aroma/branding division of Zodiac Aerospace, which itself is part of Pacific Precision Products, markets scents to airlines. Its name is derived from the fact that smell is the fifth sense.

Dry-scent technology doesn’t depend on liquid or oils to carry scent. Scent cartridges diffuse scent at the “molecular level.” The result is an aroma that passengers sense on the subconscious level. Passengers simply feel a positive change in mood.

The subtle aroma of white tea and fig is a universal scent that appeals to a wide range of travelers, though geographic and regional preferences are still taken into consideration. FIVE is testing, customizing and marketing scents in the same way that branding companies develop logos that capture an organization’s persona through design and voice.

Other scents that are popular by region include Warm Bread, which is popular in Europe. Black Orchid, a scent found pleasing in Asia Pacific markets. Lemongrass and Vanilla Bean is favored by Central and South American populations. But the clean scent of tea knows no boundaries.

Passengers on Leer jets and 747s will be the first to subconsciously experience these pleasing smells. FIVE markets eight fragrance families with the total number of scent options set at 50, for now. With family groupings named Luxe & Sophisticated and Relaxing & Soothing, VIP passengers might choose their airline by mood enhancer, not leg room.

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