American Airlines Pilot Removes Activist For Unruly Behavior

Tamika D. Mallory, a black civil rights activist and national co-chair for the Women’s March on Washington was removed by the pilot of an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York on Monday morning after an altercation with a gate agent over her seating arrangement.

Mallory told the Daily News that “It definitely was white male aggression. I was singled out.” She had been in Miami for the Miami for the Revolt Music Conference. Mallory stated that she initially had a middle seat on the flight but she stopped at a kiosk in the airport to change it to aisle seating. When she arrived at the boarding gate and was given a new ticket by the boarding agent, the ticket stated she was once again in a middle seat.

Investigations are still pending regarding what exactly happened and what was said at the gate. Mallory claims the gate agent was “disrespectful” but that she then proceeded to board the plane where she was confronted by the pilot, who had overheard the exchange between Mallory and the gate agent.

Ms. Mallory claim the pilot asked her ‘Are you going to be a problem on this flight?’ and that she could possibly earn a ‘one-way ticket off this plane.’

She then states that she had already settled into her seat for the flight when an announcement was made for her to report to the front of the cabin where she says the pilot pointed to her and told the flight crew, ‘Her, off!’ She said it was at this point she felt completely disrespected and when no one would tell her why she was being removed she began to weep.

Mallory began Tweeting about the incident on her Twitter page saying things such as “white men are allowed to treat black women like s**t.” and that other American Airlines representatives have told her the pilot “had no business getting involved in a seat dispute.

Her last tweet on the pilot stated that the only reason he got involved in the dispute between herself and the gate agent was to “assert his white male power over who he thought was just some uppity black girl. That’s it.” She was already on the phone with attorneys as she de-boarded the plane.

Mallory has close ties with Linda Sarsour, the Brooklyn activist who has ties to the funding of pro-Palestinian groups who have been linked to terrorism and who also co-chairs the Women’s March movement. Sarsour is an admitted anti-Semite as is Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader whom Mallory also has ties and who promotes separation of blacks and whites in society as well as anti-Semitism in the US.

Mallory has strongly and vocally supported Sekou Odinga, 70, also known as Nathaniel Burns, a Black Panther Party member who served 30 years in prison for attempted murder in 1981, and who was also convicted of helping a fellow Panther Party member escape from a New Jersey Prison after killing a New Jersey state trooper.

It is unknown at this time if American Airlines will support the pilot or find him in negligent in the incident.

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