American Airlines Is Going Cashless

If you will be flying with American Airlines, then you will need to make sure that you have your debit card. The airline recently announced that it will be using a cashless model at Miami International Airport. They stated that they will no longer be accepting anything but debit cards and credit cards.

Alexis Aran Coello is a spokesperson for American Airlines. She stated that the purpose of this new system is to make the lines go faster. She also stated that American Airlines will be able to better assist customers with the new cash-less system. Furthermore, this new system will make things easier for customer service agents. They do not have to worry about handling cash.

Handling cash can be a burden because agents will have to make exact change. They also have to close out the cash drawer at the end of the day. Alex stated that most of the agents support the transaction to the cashless system.

If you still travel with cash, then there is a system that can help you. American Airlines has partnered Ready Credit. This is a system that can convert cash into debit cards. The Ready Station kiosks will be able to create a prepaid debit card for amounts up to $1,000. The machines come with English and Spanish capabilities. You will be charged $5 for every transaction.

Foreign travelers will be more impacted by this change than domestic travelers. Alexis stated that people often use debit cards when they go to a place where American currency is not affected. Fifty other American Airline airports have gone cashless. Reagan Airport in Washington D.C., Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport in New York City have cashless systems. Spirit Airlines, JetBlue and United Airlines are some of the other airlines that have Readystations at their airport.

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