All Nippon Airways decommissioned aircraft Boeing 737-700ER

Boeing 737-700ER

All Nippon Airways decommissioned the aircraft Boeing 737-700ER from its fleet according to capacity increase on regular routes from the airline. The retied airplanes will be replaced by the larger Boeing 787, which is from new generation and provide higher efficiency in operations. The routes of All Nippon Airways from Tokyo Narita to Guangzhou, Mumbai and Yangon have higher demand of capacity and usually are quite busy, which forced the airliner to take measure in improving capacity and replacing aircraft Boeing 737-700ER with newer and more modern Boeing 787.

All Nippon Airways has in its fleet two airliners Boeing 737-700ER, which were in operation since 2007, bearing the registrations JA10AN (MSN 33879) and JA13AN (MSN 33880). The airline company plan to sell the both decommissioned aircrafts, but currently looking for potential buyers. The airplanes are with different configuration, as JA10AN has 24 seats in business and 20 seats in economy class, while JA13AN is equipped with 38 all-business class seats.

Boeing 737-700ER is in exploitation since February 2007, combining 737-700 fuselage with the wings and landing gear of a 737-800. The airplane offers a range of 10,200 km, with seating capacity for maximum 126 passengers in a traditional two-class configuration. The airplane is inspired by the Boeing Business Jet and is designed for long-range commercial applications. Boeing 737-700ER has overall length of 33.60 m, wingspan 35.70 m and height 12.50 m. The airplane has fuselage width of 3.76 m and fuselage width of 4.01 m. Boeing 737-700ER has empty weight of 38,147 kg, maximum landing weight of 60,781 kg and maximum take-off weight 77,565 kg.

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