Why Are Airplane Seats Blue?

Frequent flyers fly a lot, but most of them don’t know why airline companies do the things they do. Frequent flyers know that airplane companies want to get their customers from one point to another safely as well as on time. But they also want their customers to relax when they board an airplane. The color blue is a people relaxer, and blue and green are the colors of peace. So the blue seats on airplanes are blue to give customers a sense of well-being when they board. Plus, the color blue can also influence a person’s perception of temperature, aroma, and humidity. The color blue gives people a fresh and clean feeling. That’s another reason why most airlines use a lot of blue in cabin interiors.
Some people in India think the low-cost Indian airline company Go Air is taking advantage of color to get the double-digit passenger increases for almost three years. Go Air is doing a great domestic job, and the company wants to expand its service outside of India starting in October 2017. The company has 143 Airbus neo A320 aircraft on order, and that will give the airline the equipment it needs to compete on the world market. And thanks to aircraft designers, the interior of the new Airbus fleet will be some shade of blue, and that includes the seats.

Go Air is just one airline that is expanding its reach around the world. Airlines in Europe and the United States are doing the same thing. More airplanes in service will have an impact on maintenance systems and the need for regular checkups. That means more test equipment in the air and on the ground. And it’s not just commercial airlines that need sophisticated test equipment in airplanes. The defense sector of the aviation industry needs test equipment too. New aviation test equipment is vital for upgrading the pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic power systems on airlines faster.

Pilots and mechanics will play a role in examining and then replacing aircraft parts. Plus, hi-tech mechanics will be able to diagnose mechanical and electrical problems, as well as repair brakes or other aircraft equipment faster. In order to maintain performance standards, new hi-tech aviation equipment will be essential for all airlines.

Airbus is the first to add hi-tech test equipment to their A321neo. The Pratt and Whitney PW1100G engines are also part of this modern approach to safety and maintenance.

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