Airbus working with Bundeswehr on a next generation fighter aircraft

Airbus Future Fighter

Airbus Defence and Space (DS) is at the moment working with the german armed forces (Bundeswehr) on identifying future threats and capabilities, regarding the fighter aircraft of next generation – FCAS (Future Combat Air System), reported HIS Jane’s.

Alberto Gutierrez, head of the program Eurofigher, said that Airbus DS and Bundeswehr are working on the requirements for the future combat aircraft and are clarifying the technologies that will be available between 2030 and 2040, where the FCAS is expected to enter service.

The FCAS is intended to replace the fleet of figher-bombers Paneavia Tornado and to interact with the available Eurofigher Typhoon. The creation of the figher lies in the strategic documents for development of the Germen air forces, which were published this January.

According to Airbus DS the program FCAS can turn out to be “system of systems”, which means that several different combat systems can be created to be complementary in the performance of their tasks.

Gutierrez noted that, given the near horizon, which will enter in service FCAS, it is not expected to be created a fully driverless system. One of the systems can be two-seated pilot plane.

Airbus DS will work to integrate the maximum amount of existing technologies to minimize the cost, technological risk and development time.
Germany already leads preliminary negotiations on cooperation with other European countries under the program.

Gutierrez refused to classify FCAS, as a fighter of some generation, because according to him it is a bad classification that does not reflect modern aviation.

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