Airbus launched the “I Fly A380” website: Choose. Fly. Love A380

A380 is a favorite of travelers, as 60% of them are ready to make extra efforts to fly with it. The opened from Airbus last week page: is a unique place on the web for travelers who want to experience traveling with the iconic double-deck aircraft.

“Booking systems today do not allow passengers to easily choose their preferred aircraft, and we decided to fill that gap by easing the access to the iconic A380 aircraft for everybody,” said Marc Fontaine, director of the Digital transformation of Airbus.

The booking program will appeal to tourists as it is the only place where all 13 A380 operators can present the services that they offer on board and the destinations they serve. Inspiring information for each city will help in choosing the next holiday. It is easy: users indicate their airports – starting and end point, cities, dates and class of travel, the number of passengers and press “Search”. They can then click on the desired flight and switch easily to the website of the selected airline that allows secure and reliable reservation at no additional cost. Operators of A380 accompany and support the development of this reservation assistant.

A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world and offers passengers the smoothest and most quiet flight with seating for 544 passengers in a comfortable, configured standard. A380 is the best opportunity to generate revenue, boost traffic and attract passengers on routes to 8200 sea miles. A380 is the only aircraft that has two full decks, allowing it to offer wider seats and lanes. More than 130 million passengers have already experienced a flight aboard the A380. Today 230 airports around the world can accept the A380 and every three minutes one A380 is taking off or landing.

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