AirAsia Zest’s airplane Airbus A320-200 lost cabin pressure near Guangzhou

Airbus A320-200 landing

AirAsia Zest’s airplane Airbus A320-200 lost cabin pressure after both hand bleed air system failed during a flight from Jinjang, China to Manila, Philippines with 109 passengers on board. The airplane took-off and climbed from Jinjang airport successfully, but near Guangzhou the right hand bleed air system blocked and crew climbed to FL370 for safety reasons. On 250 nautical miles off Manila the left hand air conditioning system failed too, which caused loss of cabin pressure. All the passenger oxygen masks were released during the descent and flight continue to Philippines by emergency through FL100. After 50 minutes the AirAsia Zest’s airplane Airbus A320-200 safely landed to Manila without reporting injuries.

The local authorities and safety inspections started investigation for the root cause of the accident. According to preliminary estimates the Fan Air Valve Control Thermostat have sent erroneous signals to Bleed Monitoring Computer, causing the Air Engine Bleed closure. It was found absence of manufacturer periodic parts replacement for the thermostat.

The airplane Airbus A320-200 medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliner. It has retractable tricycle landing gear and are powered by two wing pylon-mounted turbofan engines. Airbus A320-200 has wingtip fences and increased fuel capacity for increased range. Typical range with 150 passengers for the A320-200 is about 3,300 nautical miles. The airplane has length of 37.57 m, wingspan of 35.8 m and wing area of 122.4 sq m.

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