Air Canada finalized its contract for the CS300 Bombardier

Air Canada confirmed its commitment to the agreement with Bombardier. The company has finalized the agreement signed in February with Canadian aircraft manufacturer to acquire 45 aircraft CS300, along with options for another 30. Deliveries of the aircraft are expected to begin in late 2019 and continue through 2022.

The confirmed part of the agreement is estimated at $ 3.8 billion. It could reach $ 6.3 billion if and options are confirmed as well.

The first delivered aircraft will replace the 25 Embraer 190 aircraft that are still in operation in the air fleet of Air Canada – other twenty were bought from Boeing. The rest of the order will be used to expand the service to other airlines.

Order confirmation comes days after the adoption of a bill, including leaving more freedom for airlines to determine where and how to perform maintenance of their planes. Air Canada has threatened not to finalize the agreement with Bombardier if the project becomes subject to modifications. However, maintenance of CS300 will take place in Quebec, where are the factories of the aircraft manufacturer.

Last week, Bombardier has finalized a deal with Quebec for $1-billion investment in the CSeries program. The first $500 million installment should be provided by the end of the month and the second installment – on September 1.

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