27 People Injured Due to Heavy Turbulence on Aeroflot Flight to Bangkok 


The Russian embassy in Thailand issued a statement to confirm that at least 27 people were injured due to severe turbulence when the Boeing 777 performing Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok hit an air pocket on Monday, May 1.

According to the information 24 of the injured were Russians and 3 were from Thailand. 15 people were taken to a Bangkok hospital for treatment and three Russians had to undergo operations but their lives were not in danger.

There were some reports of three babies who have broken spines as a result of the accident but Aeroflot dismissed the information is incorrect.

A video was posted in the social media showing people lying on the aisle and debris from food and drinks as a result of the turbulence.

The accident happened about 40 minutes before the flight landed in Bangkok and the crew could not warn passengers of the danger because the turbulence occurred in a clear sky, according to the information given by the Russian airline.

“All the injured were sent to a local hospital with injuries of a different kind of severity, mainly fractures and bruises,” the embassy said. “The reasons behind the injuries was that some of the passengers had not had their seatbelts fastened.”

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