14 people in hospital after severe turbulence in US plane

Пeople were taken to hospital after а plane of United Airlines made an emergency landing at the Shannon airport in western Ireland on Wednesday morning, reports ITV.

From the airport confirmed that the flight UA-880 to the US airline United Airlines, traveling from Houston to Heathrow was diverted to Shannon Airport on medical grounds because of a strong and sudden turbulence.

The plane landed at 5:55 local time. Initially from United Airlines said that 14 passengers and two crew members have received medical assistance at the airport and were transported with ambulances to the University Hospital Limerick. Later, the HSE has confirmed that 12 people were transported to the hospital, nine adults and three children.

United Airlines spread a message which explains that the reassignment was necessary because of severe turbulence.

“United Airlines is providing care and support to customers and crew of flight UA-880, which experienced severe and unexpected turbulence during a flight from Houston to London Heathrow today,” announced from the company.

“The aircraft diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland where it was met by medical personnel. We wish these passengers and crew a quick recovery from their injuries,” also said the statement.



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