More than 10,000 flights canceled due to Irma

USA Today reports that over 10,000 flights have been canceled because of Hurricane Irma.

More cancellations are expected in the coming days. Irma’s storm surge is expected to start hitting parts of southern Florida on Sunday and Monday as it moves inland.

7,400 of the canceled flights were departing from or arriving to Florida airports. An addition 275 canceled flights involved an airport in South Carolina or Georgia. The remaining canceled flights mostly involved airports in the Caribbean, which saw significant damage from Irma late last week.

Many more cancellations are expected across the southern U.S. in the coming days.

Authorities made the decision to suspend flights at major Florida airports like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. It is unlikely these airports will reopen before Tuesday. The airports have to wait for the return of airport personnel who evacuated the area.

According to popular tracker FlightAware, as of Sunday morning 1,700 flights had already been canceled for Monday and 150 for Tuesday.

The number of cancellations could increase sharply if Irma heads toward Atlanta. Hartsfield-Jackson is the world’s busiest airport.

Delta, which is based in Atlanta, has encouraged its customers to reroute any upcoming itineraries that pass through Atlanta. Delta said customers could make these changes at the airline’s website. Like other major U.S. airlines, Delta has changed its usual rebooking policies.

The airline now has a page dedicated to Irma at its website.

According to the website, Delta customers who were scheduled to travel through airports in Florida and Georgia, as well as select airports in other states, can make one change to their itinerary without having to pay a fee.

The fee waiver is valid for travel that was scheduled to take place from September 6-17, 2017. For certain Caribbean destinations that sustained severe damage, the fee waiver is valid for travel between September 5-October 31, 2017.

Experts advised passengers to expect slow travel throughout the Southeast this week.

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