Аirplane Lancair IV crashed on highway in southern California

Lancair IV crashed on highway

Small airplane Lancair IV crashed on highway in southern California, USA. The airplane landed on the highway after engine problem, but slammed into a car stopped in the emergency lane. After the accident one woman died and another five were seriously injured and transported to the local hospital. The aircraft landed on its fuselage and dragged for about 80 m, before slamming into a stopped car in the emergency lane of the highway. From the collision the back of the car was crushed, one 38-year-old woman from San Diego died and other three passengers in the car were injured.

“According to witnesses the plane seems to have problems, tilted and fell on the road”, said the Police Officer, Chris Parent. “Eyewitness said that he did not heard the engine of the airplane when its flew over him”, added the officer from California Highway Police. “The 62-year-old pilot and his passengers were seriously injured and taken to the hospital”, added he.

The unusual landings on this stretch of highway are nothing new. The scene of the accident is located on Interstate 15, about 80 km from San Diego. Federal aviation management and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the aviation accident. The collision closed two lanes and caused traffic jams on the highway that leads to Las Vegas.

Lancair IV is four-seat, low-wing, retractable-gear, composite monoplanes powered by a 550 cubic inch Continental turbo-normalized piston engine. The aircraft has overall length of 7.62 m, wingspan of 10.82 m and wing area of 9.10 sq m. The empty weight of the airplane is 998 kg, while the gross weight is 1,610 kg. The airplane Lancair IV is driven by one Continental TSIO-550 six cylinder, horizontally opposed piston engine with maximum output power of 350 hp. The propeller is 3-bladed Hartzell PHC-H3YF-1RF, constant speed and 3.86 m in diameter.

Video of the airplane accident:

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